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Why Isotonix Bromelain Plus better:

Includes white willow bark whose main components – tannins, flavonoids and salicylates – support the body’s tissue repair process. Isotonix Bromelain Plus helps support your body’s ability to engage in “cellular house cleaning,” breaking down that protein layer to support your immune system, offering superior cellular protection. With its unique combination of bromelain, white willow bark and protease, Isotonix Bromelain Plus promotes your body’s immune system and inflammatory response, helping support the body’s normal ability to heal itself on a cellular and muscular level.

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Primary Benefits of Isotonix Bromelain Plus

  • Supports the body’s normal healing process

  • Supports the body’s normal inflammatory response

  • Supports the body’s normal tissue and recovery repair process

  • Promotes optimal cell health

  • Supports a healthy immune system

  • Supports healthy joint function

  • Promotes healthy blood circulation

  • May help support normal blood flow

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