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Prostate care is very important for any man over the age of 40. For male wellness, the male Support Regimen includes PrimeTM Prostate Defense Formula, Prime Time Performance Formula for Men, Isotonix® Resveratrol, PrimeTM Secretagogue. This male supplement regimen is designed with the maturing man in mind and offers a host of benefits including maintenance of proper urinary function, promotion of healthy erectile quality, increased calcium intake, normal growth and repair of cells, and programmed cell death of unhealthy cells.


What Makes Prime Prostate Defense Formula Unique?


The prostate gland plays a critical role in men’s health. Maintaining optimal prostate health is essential in maintaining overall health and quality of life. Nearly 90 percent of men will experience some form of prostate discomfort. It is critical for men to take steps to promote optimal prostate health throughout their lives. Take the next step to a healthier prostate with Prime Prostate Defense Formula.


Prime Prostate Defense Formula’s unique formulation helps to maintain optimal prostate size and function, and helps to inhibit mild inflammation associated with the aging process. It may also help to minimize the negative effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone which impacts prostate health. Prime Prostate Defense Formulas also works to induce cell death in unhealthy cells and provides antioxidant protection. There are several unique components that impact overall prostate health and, unlike many other prostate products on the market, Prime Prostate Defense Formula addresses each of them through its powerful combination of scientifically proven ingredients, including the patented grape seed extract, Leucoselect®. Leucoselect’s well-defined chemical composition provides greater absorption and increased activity in the body than standard grape seed extracts.


What Makes Prime Time Performance Formula for Men Unique?


The natural effects of aging on your body and mind can have serious consequences on your quality of life. A slowing metabolism and a decreased sexual appetite are just a couple of the realities that will affect you as you age. Our bodies constantly adjust to the environment by interpreting signals sent to the brain. The hypothalamus area of the brain functions as the command center and sends hormonal signals to the pituitary gland. In response to hypothalamus signals, the pituitary gland sends out hormones to numerous tissues throughout the body to stimulate and fine-tune their activity.


Given the combination of aging and stresses of modern life, men often experience a decreased in sexual desire, stamina and performance. Prime Time Performance Formula for Men is an herbal supplement for male libido. Prime Time Performance Formula for Men works via several mechanisms to support healthy male libido and sexual function. The ingredients have been shown to help the body maintain normal levels of testosterone (l;ibido) and nitric oxide (erectile quality). These ingredients help to promote healthy erectile quality and support overall sexual activity and performance.


What Makes Isotonix® Resveratrol Unique?


Proper prostate function in men is essential to reproductive health and overall quality of life. Isotonix Resveratrol provides numerous benefits for the entire body; however, it specifically addresses prostatic health. Isotonix Resveratrol promotes a healthy prostate gland and the programmed cell death of unhealthy cells.


What Makes Prime Secretagogue Unique?


Ultra Prime Secretagogue represents the next generation of human growth hormone-producing products that is more advanced, concentrated and cost-effective than previous formulations. It uses a special blend of nutritional ingredients that will naturally increase the production and release of HGH by the pituitary gland. Amino acids such as L-glutamine, L-arginine, L-lysine, and Glycine are combined with other nutrients in precise formulation.


The latest anti-aging research reveals that hormone production is integral in promoting health as we age. Isotonix is leading the anti-aging charge by developing a system of custom health solutions that are scientifically based.


Research has demonstrated that HGH-secreting cells of pituitary gland do not die. They maintain their ability to make significant amounts of human growth hormone. As you age, less HGH circulates through the body, because the pituitary gland is not stimulating its production. Isotniox Ultra Prime Secretagogue in a natural secretagogue that helps to raise HGH levels in a Physiological manner. It gently stimulates the endocrine system to produce and release its own HGH naturally. It works with the body, not against it. In a class by itself, Istonix Ultra Prime Secretagogue is the most unique anti-aging nutraceutical in the marketplace.

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