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Nicole, Personal Trainer


I struggled with weight all my life and I tried many different diets. I’ve used Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, doctor prescribed diet pills, I ate less and worked out more. I would always initially lose 10 to 15 pounds but it always came back tenfold. During my mid-20s, necessity changed my eating habits to eating what was convenient, the result; more weight gain. I quickly became obese, weighing 240 pounds. My health was deteriorating, I needed real help.

I was not just obese but I was also fighting many health conditions connected to my obesity and lifestyle. I was experiencing symptoms like tightening of the chest, irregular menstrual cycles, chronic headaches, leg cramps, kidney pain and I learned I have degenerative disk disease. I followed the advice of my health care professional and took the prescribed medicines. However, my health kept declining and I started taking medicines to counteract other medicines.


Through research, I learned that eating organic was the best medicine for my body. It gave me the opportunity to cleanse and remove toxins that were making me sick. I was able to lose about 10lbs but those ten pounds represented mostly buildup waste and inflammation. My weight was still a huge problem, so I sought out help. I connected with a nutritional coach and he taught me how to EAT. I learned to approach weight-loss, eating and health as a science. It was important that I followed a system that provided the proper steps to fat loss and lean muscle retention. My coach prescribed me with a custom low glycemic meal plan and proper supplementation to help me balance my metabolism and transform me into a fat burning machine. I learned what to eat, I modified my behavior, I trained with people that understood proper exercise; I took the recommended supplements, and I dedicated myself to living a healthier lifestyle.


I can happily say that today I am prescription free, my health has improved tremendously, and I feel energetic, confident and beautiful. This transformation sparked a change and ignited in me a sense of duty to help others achieve healthier lifestyles. Today, I continue to apply all the same principles that I've learned because it works. My journey has led me to invest in myself and through NASM I've obtained the proper certifications to responsibly help others. I strive to be the best example for my family and for those who struggle with weight like I do. My goal is to help and empower as many individuals as possible…If I can do it, you can too!


I wish you the best success, if I can be of any assistance towards helping you reach your health goals please don't hesitate to contact me. 





NASM Certified

Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Weight Loss Specialist

Corrective Exercise Training

CPR & AED Certified 

Before and After
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