A 30 minute consultation
We'll go over your lifestyle, nutrition, physical activity, habits, health goals, and hobbies.
I'll explain NEL Fitness's health program and its process.
Once we find our collective start towards your newly established fitness journey, we'll discuss and schedule the health assessment to get you started.

That's why I offer one-on-one sessions. These sessions are designed for you; your chart, your fitness program, your nutritional plan. All programs are custom to your health needs.
Your health goals are my focus.

Invest in a month to month membership and come to any class offered. Get a MAXIMUM calorie burn in the shortest amount of time with our group classes. We rotate between strength, endurance and power; making sure that each class provides a fun way to achieve functional movement.

Now you can get healthy right from the comforts of your own home. My passion is your health so let's do everything we can to reach your health goals, starting with the nutritional educational program.

Studies show that 40% of people don’t take vitamins because they don’t like taking pills. Isotonix's advanced powder formula of vitamins & minerals is the world’s most advanced nutraceutical because it offers the fastest and most efficient delivery system of all nutraceutical supplements. This formula results in less work for the body, maximum absorption & very little nutritive value is lost.

When you choose to get healthy with NEL Fitness you are a member. The personal training and nutrition programs offer an abundance of information on detoxing, the glycemic index, labels, grains, recipes, sample exercises, routines, and so much more. This member’s only section provides guidelines, tips, and information regarding health and wellness. Why take notes while I am teaching and helping you get the results you desire, when you can simply view or print them right off the site. This reference page is invaluable and very convenient for anyone on their journey towards better health.

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