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NEL Fitness provides a free 30 minute consultation to provide you the opportunity to ask questions about the services, the products and the programs available. There is no obligation to invest but if you like what you hear, NEL Fitness appreciates the opportunity to help you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.


All sessions are 1-hour and include the following:
Accountability Motivation & Inspiration
The workout program is created for you
I will actively study & correct your form
Provide nutritional tips & answer nutritional questions
Minimize injuries & maximize results
Establish SMART goals
​Create & practice healthy 




Designed to train as often as desired within a three month period.
Perfect for people who require flexibility schedules.

This package includes TWENTY training sessions

The initial consultation fee is waived

A 90-minute comprehensive assessment is included

An individualized and systematic program is created

Periodic assessments at the start of each package

Performance tracking

In-depth analysis of body composition report

Science based nutritional program guide

Access to text & email support

TRAIN AT HOME - NEL Fitness is happy to provide In-Home training
for people who need a private setting in the convenience and comfort of their homes.
An additional travel charge will be applied to the package of your choice.
Please contact me to add this service to your package.