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NEL Fitness provides a free 30 minute consultation to provide you the opportunity to ask questions about the services, the products and the programs available. There is no obligation to invest but if you like what you hear, NEL Fitness appreciates the opportunity to help you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.


All sessions are 1-hour and include the following:
Accountability Motivation & Inspiration
The workout program is created for you
I will actively study & correct your form
Provide nutritional tips & answer nutritional questions
Minimize injuries & maximize results
Establish SMART goals
​Create & practice healthy 




Designed to train as often as desired within a three month period.
Perfect for people who require flexibility schedules.

This package includes TWENTY training sessions

The initial consultation fee is waived

A 90-minute comprehensive assessment is included

An individualized and systematic program is created

Periodic assessments at the start of each package

Performance tracking

In-depth analysis of body composition report

Science based nutritional program guide

Access to text & email support

TRAIN AT HOME - NEL Fitness is happy to provide In-Home training
for people who need a private setting in the convenience and comfort of their homes.
An additional travel charge will be applied to the package of your choice.
Please contact me to add this service to your package.


The initial health assessment is a one-time fee. 
Choose to invest in a fitness and/or nutritional package and this fee will be applied to the package of your choice.



Must provide cancellation/reschedule notice 24 hours prior to all appointments/sessions to avoid the penalty fee.

  • RESCHEDULING – You can reschedule a session within the corresponding week of the session.

  • CANCELLATIONS – Cancellation allowance is based on the purchased package.

    • The Standard Package allows for one canceled session within a 5-week cycle.

    • The Preferred Package allows for two canceled session within a 6-week cycle.

    • The Premium Package allows for three canceled session within a 7-week cycle.

Canceling more than the allotted sessions will result in the forfeit of those sessions.



All packages/sessions, including nutritional, detox, group class services, expire six months from date of purchase.

Personal training packages must be utilized within the package's cycle. To accommodate rescheduling needs and cancellations a grace period has been provided for the standard, preferred, and premium packages.

  • The Standard Package offers 4 sessions within a 5-week cycle. It was designed for people who want to train once per week.

  • Preferred Package offers 8 sessions within a 6-week cycle. It was designed for people who want to train twice per week.

  • Premium Package offers 12 sessions within a 7-week cycle. It was designed for people who want to train three times per week.

  • The Freedom Package offers 20 sessions. This package gives you the freedom to train as often as desired within a three month period.


NO SHOW = Forfeit Session

Clients forfeit their session if they do not call to reschedule and/or do not show up to their scheduled appointment.


Refund requests must be provided within two weeks from the date of purchase.

  1. Personal Training Packages – A refund can only be applied to unused training sessions.

  2. Nutritional Packages – A refund can only be applied to unused nutrition education sessions.
    Products included in the nutritional packages were provided to you at no cost and are not eligible for a refund.

  3. Products may be returned and refunded (minus shipping charges) within 2 weeks of the date they were shipped.

In order to receive a full refund for an item:

  • The item must be unopened and in new and resalable condition.

  • The item must have all original packaging, parts, and accessories.

  • The item must not be a custom product.



Without a written notice expressing interest to cancel the training program, all personal training packages are considered active and the next cycle will automatically bill. If paying cash or check, please have payment ready prior to the start of your next scheduled session. If no sessions are in your inventory after a 24-hour period of completed sessions, clients are charged a single session rate of $95.00 per session.



Maximum participants per class is 5 || Minimum participants per class is 2

Create a class with friends and family and distribute the cost of the class between participants at your discretion.

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