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Diana Williams Hunt

I can’t thank Nicole Lamus enough for changing my life! As a busy wife and mother of 3 kids I’d gained a whopping 60 pounds over the years! Taking pictures and shopping for clothes quickly became uncomfortable and depressing. I tried every diet under the sun; vegan, cayenne pepper, all the beach bodies, hell I even own a shake weight. Working with Nicole I’ve learned how to eat and train properly for my body type. I’ve lost over 25 pounds and I am down 5 clothes sizes. I could go on and on with more praise, but the results speak for themselves.

Claudia Obas

A year ago I was an emotionally physically and spiritually broken person. I was recently divorced, lost my mother and it weakened my body, mind and soul. Someone suggested that I look into fitness as an avenue to wellness. At a loss and knowing I needed help I hired Nicole and it was the best thing I could have done.  Knowingly or not she's a life coach.  Nicole is a fitness trainer that is knowledgeable, professional, kind and encouraging.  She targets the problem and sets up a mutually agreed upon plan for your physical fitness and doesn't allow you to give up on yourself which was my saving grace. I hated to workout but Nicole has managed to make me not only enjoy my sessions but as a trainer she has helped me build up my physical strength which directly affected my emotional strength.  Currently she's one of my biggest cheer leaders!!! She intuitively took me from where I was, by pushing me, use of patience, motivation and understanding which translates to me being physically and emotionally strong again. In a nut shell Nicole does not just train you, she takes care of you.....Mind, body and soul.

David Cruz

I have been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and my doctor has recommended that I start a fitness program. Since this moment my primary goal has been to improve my overall health, enhance my life, and live a long time. I feel lucky Nicole is my trainer because even though training isn’t always easy for me I feel great after each session and that is the greatest reward. Since I started training I’ve improved my overall health, lost fat, gained muscle, but most importantly my blood work has improved substantially. These results and achievements fuel my motivation to continue with my programming. I feel better, I am more energetic, productive, happier, and I ‘am enjoying my life more.

What I love about training with Nicole is that she knows how to get me to put out my biggest effort every time to complete all sets. Nicole knows how to motivate me in a kind way. She doesn’t let me give up. Nicole is devoted to the process, unlike other trainers that I’ve seen spending a great deal of time on their cell-phones while their client works out alone. Nicole is dedicated, professional and I recommend her services to anyone looking to build and enhance.

Toni Denise Campbell

Working out with Nicole has become the highlight of my week. After my initial assessment, Nicole identified my strengths and weaknesses (areas that needed improvement) and created a personal fitness plan to follow daily. This has helped me to become more confident in a gym setting. The workouts are challenging, but when I see the results during my monthly assessments, I am over the moon! Working out consistently has not only improved my strength and endurance, but it has enhanced my mood overall. In conjunction with my specialized weight loss plan, Nicole encourages healthy eating habits in order for me to see long term results. As a result of her sharing her knowledge, I am able to share her health tips with my friends and family.

NEL Fitness is great for individual progress as well as family progress/success. Nicole encouraged me to bring my brother along and it turned out to be a great session. Her group classes allow me to try new exercises while receiving a great burn. The comradely encourages me to maintain my focus.

Maria Gaston

I was trained by Nicole for a little over 4 months and the results were amazing! Nicole is very detailed and she asks the right questions to ensure her client’s needs are met.  I had a knee injury and she made sure every time we worked out that I did not put too much stress on that knee and at the same time she made sure to strengthen the muscles around the knee so I could put in a full workout.  Believe me, she works you hard but in the best way possible.  I would still be training with her but I just moved to Arizona and I miss her dearly. I was so impressed with my results I recommend my son-in-law and after one month he is showing great results!!!  Don’t hesitate and hire Nicole to be your trainer you won’t regret it.

Katie Lewis

I have been training with Nicole for almost a year and the results have been amazing! Nicole has helped me feel more confident and comfortable in the gym. She has continuously personalized my exercise program with various calisthenics, free weights and machines which has helped to expand my fitness routine and improve my strength and health. Nicole’s positive attitude and fun personality has made hard exercises fun and I genuinely look forward to our sessions! I highly recommend Nicole to anyone looking to for a personal trainer!

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