Single Bottle (90 Servings)


  • Supports skeletal health
  • Adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • Adequate calcium and vitamin D as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Plays a critical role in the normal contraction of skeletal and heart muscles
  • Supports normal muscle use and performance
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums
  • Helps to maintain healthy immune functions and general wellbeing
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Supports proper nerve conduction
  • Promotes normal regulation of hormones and enzyme production
  • Promotes normal hormone secretion
  • Promotes normal enzyme and hormone regulation
  • Helps to ease the discomfort of PMS
  • Promotes normal blood clotting
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports healthy body weight
  • Supports healthy pregnancy and fetal development

Isotonix® Calcium Plus

  • Are you getting enough calcium?


    Don't take any chances - supplement your diet with Isotonix Calcium Plus, a good source of calcium delivered to your body quickly and effectively. Most calcium supplements on the market are tablets, which are difficult for the body to absorb. Isotonix Calcium Plus is a calcium powder that, when mixed with water, becomes an isotonic solution that is delivered quickly and absorbed rapidly by the body, providing you with the maximum benefits of this calcium supplement. Plus, Isotonix Calcium Plus includes vitamin D3 and magnesium, two ingredients that are necessary to aid in the absorption and use of calcium - essential for building and maintaining strong bones. Calcium is especially important for women of all ages. Studies have shown that complementing a diet with a calcium supplement for women can be beneficial for pregnant women, lactating women, and elderly women. In addition, calcium has been shown to help ease the comfort of PMS, while also supporting a healthy pregnancy and fetal development. But it's not just women who need a calcium supplement. Every adult looking to support their overall well-being - from skeletal health to cardiovascular health to muscle health and everything in between - needs to ensure they are receiving a good source of calcium. Isotonix Calcium Plus should be that source, delivering almost a full day's worth of calcium in addition to other vitamins and minerals to help your overall well-being.


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