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This refreshing drink in not only fresh tasting but provides great benefits to your body.


Ingredients: (use organic ingredients if possible)

6 Cups of Filtered Water

1 Tbsp – Ginger – Sliced (you can grate it if you prefer)

1 Medium Size Cucumber - Sliced

1 Lemon – Sliced

¼ Cup Mint Leaves



Place all the ingredients in a large jar, add the purified water and allow the ingredients to fuse overnight. To replenish your jar just add more purified water the night before; replace the ingredients after 3 days.


  • The ginger helps with inflammation

  • The cucumber helps with water weight (makes you pee)

  • The lemon helps with toxins, inflammation, and will alkalize the body

  • The mint is good for your stomach

  • Together the ingredients provide your digestive system relieve through the purging of waste

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