Blood Sugar Maintenance

A well-balanced blood sugar level is crucial to your overall fitness and well-being because it regulates your hormones, triggers your body to burn stored fat, and increases your metabolism to help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, most people’s blood sugar is not properly balanced. If you’re getting too much glucose, it leads to high blood-sugar levels, which your body can’t break down and stores as fat.

Ironically, not getting enough sugar can also lead to putting on extra pounds! Eating too little glucose can lead to a low blood sugar level, causing your body to go into “starvation mode” where it burns your lean muscle instead of the fat – a double whammy to your system and your diet. However, far more serious complications do result from unstable blood sugar levels, such as Diabetes.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body does not produce enough insulin or the body cannot respond normally to the insulin made. Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States and is associated with a greater risk for heart disease, hypertension and much more.

Research has shown that exercise improves a variety of glucose measures, including tissue sensitivity, improved glucose tolerance, and even a decrease in insulin requirements.

Eating controlled portions of foods that are high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will help you meet your nutritional needs as well as lower your risk of diabetes and related complications such as heart disease. Here are examples of the best foods to eat to maintain blood sugar levels:

  • Whole foods

  • No processed foods

  • Fruits and vegetables (fresh)

  • Lean proteins (tuna, salmon, tilapia, chicken)

  • Complex carbohydrates (brown rice, quinoa, bulgur, barley, oatmeal, beans)

Proper blood sugar maintenance can dramatically impact your health. From your cardiovascular system to your weight to your muscles, maintaining healthy levels of blood sugars can help you support long-term health.


While a proper diet and exercise is a great start, sometimes our bodies need more for healthy blood sugar support. Isotonix Isochrome, is a complete blood sugar maintenance supplement.

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