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Create your own meal plan

MyPlate was released in 2011 as part of first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity. It is a great guide to help people visualize portion control while emphasizing all 5 food groups.

In order for the “MyPlate” concept to work efficiently it is crucial to identify and choose the most nutrient-dense and least-energy dense foods to support your weight loss efforts. Nutrient dense foods are foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Energy dense foods are foods that are calorically dense.

Energy dense foods that have no vitamins, minerals and fiber are empty of essential nutrients and should be avoided. Nutrient dense foods are a perfect choice for weight loss.

Think of it in budgetary terms. For example; with a financial budget, certain costs have to be covered, such as rent, transportation, food, medical, and utilities. Sometimes there is some money left over for the nonessentials, like, recreation and vacation. The same applies to an energy budget. During a weight loss effort, when the energy budget is slightly restricted, the essential still needs to be covered. So the foods need to be chosen carefully.

Some foods have more nutrients than others and are far more filling and help with the feeling of satiety.

The quality of food is just as important as calorie consumption in terms of weight loss and wellness. Understanding the concept described above is important in order to build your own meals. The MyPlate scheme and proportions will naturally decrease the total daily calories consumed. To add to this health tool I have included a list of power foods to each food group. Choosing proper portions and quality foods will result in a highly controlled regimen designed to shed fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

You may be wondering where is the rice, bread and pasta; those are grains!

Here is the deal; the focus is weight loss and wellness. Therefore, complex carbohydrates, such as the ones listed, are the healthiest choice that promotes weight loss.

And though rice, bread and pasta are a type of grain, it is best to avoid simple carbohydrates. The next best choice from simple carbohydrates is whole wheat. One step up from that is unprocessed food. Since we are focusing on quality foods, I have listed unprocessed, nutrient rich foods packet with fiber, vitamins and minerals.


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