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Upper Body & Core

Circuit 1 - 3 sets

Chest Press - Pick a challenging weight - 12 repetitions

Skullcrushers - Pick a challenging weight - 12 repetitions (Hold the dumbbell or bar with both hands 2 to 3 inches apart, above your chest, straight up. Flex your elbows and move the weight down slightly past your forehead. Keep the upper arms from moving back and forth. You should feel your triceps at work during this exercise)

Dumbbell Chest Fly - Choose a weight that is slightly lighter - 12 repetitions

IN-BETWEENS: Do one core exercise after each set.

Sit Ups - 1 minute

Leg Lifts - 1 minute

Plank - 1 minute

Circuit 2 - 2 sets

Shoulder Press - Pick a challenging weight - 12 repetitions

Bentover Row - Pick a challenging weight - 12 repetitions for each arm

Davies - 30 seconds (Start in a plank position. Quickly touch the right hand to the left hand, continuing to perform alternating touches on each side for a period of 30 seconds. *Please note: only perform this exercise if you have sufficient shoulder stability.)

Bicycle Crunches - 1 minute

Circuit 3 - 2 sets

Russian Twist - Grab an 8 to 10lb dumbbell - 1 minute

Flutter Kicks - 1 minute (start with feet 6 inches off the floor; every 20 seconds raise the legs up by two inches)

Straight Leg Holds - 1 minute

Cool Down

If you have a foam roller, do some self-myofascial release followed by static stretching.

If you don't have a foam roller; then simply stretch and hold each position for at least 30 seconds.


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