Are You Training Your Nervous System?

Our nervous system plays an imperative part with how our bodies move. With that said, it’s good to know why and how one should train the nervous system in relation to physical activity. Let’s start by acknowledging that the three primary functions of the nervous system are sensory, integrative and motor functions. What does that mean?

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The sensory function is the ability of the nervous system to sense change internally as well as externally. An example of an internal sensory function is being able to sense a stretch. Being able to sense the difference between sand, concrete, or grass while walking is an external sensory function. The integrative function is the ability of the nervous system to analyze and interpret sensory information to provide a proper response. Motor function is the nervous and muscular systems response to sensory information.

The nervous system is responsible for engaging muscles, learning patterns and movements, and the functioning of every organ in the human body. Through sensory function the body provides proprioceptive feedback about the environment. Training the body’s proprioceptive abilities will improve balance, coordination, and posture. Thus, enhancing performance and decreasing the risk of injury. Through physical activity and proper training, beginning with stabilization and endurance, you can efficiently ensure that proper movement patters are being developed.

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