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The Language of the Brain

  • I am fit! I am healthy! I am strong!

  • I am healthy in mind, body, and spirit!

  • My heart beats strong and healthy.

  • My lungs breathe clear and strong.

  • I am beautiful and I love my body.

  • I refuse to be defined by my weight.

  • I express my gratitude for my good health.

  • I choose health and wellness over illness.

  • I treat my body with the respect it deserves.

  • My contributions to life measure my self-worth.

  • Food nourishes my body, but I nourish my soul.

  • I am shedding pounds as I shred my self-doubt.

  • Day in and day out, I develop the habits of health.

  • Happiness is an attitude not a number on a scale.

  • As I commit to my exercise program, I transform my body.

  • Today I experience vibrant health and profound well-being.

  • My body is a marvelous machine that supports and meets my every need.

  • Today I push my limits in the gym so that tomorrow I can push the limits in my life.

  • Even at the height of my pain, I experience moments of release, contentment, and joy.

  • I love and accept myself at my current weight, even as I march pound by pound to my goal weight.


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