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Disposing the Myth

I’ve been told by many people that they want a strong, tone core. And who wouldn’t? But what people don’t realize is that the core isn’t just the abdominal muscles. The core ranges from the top of the spine to the very end of the spine. In other words, the core is everything between the neck and groin. That means we have our work cut out for us if we want to strengthen and tone the entire trunk of our body. It may seem impossible but there is a system to properly strengthening the core.

We’ve mentioned that “to build a proper foundation one should train the local stabilization system first, the global stabilization systems second and the movement system third”. So, what muscles make up those systems?

The Local Stabilization System consists of the following muscles:

The Global Stabilization System consists of the following muscles:

The Movement System consists of the following muscles:

Since the body’s center of gravity affects our body’s stabilization, alignment and movement, it is safe to say that the stronger the core the more efficient the movement and the less likelihood an injury may occur. However, some of you may be thinking, well that’s great Nicole but what about my six-pack…when will I see that?

If you’ve been properly training your core, you most likely already have a four or six pack developing. So, if you’re four or six-pack is hiding from you, you are going to have to adjust your eating habits. As they say; “abs are made in the kitchen.”

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