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Foods and Tips to Flatten Your Tummy

If you’ve been properly developing your core but are not seeing the physical results you desire there a few things you should know.

  • Don’t get frustrated your abs exist they just need a little nutritional help.

  • What you eat determines how flat and how defined your abs will be.

  • Genetics play a big role in the shape and insertion of your abs.

  • Body fat percentage is important; it is directly correlated with your abs appearing and disappearing.

Tips to keep in mind.

  1. Sugar is the enemy! Therefore avoid all processed foods that are high in sugar and contain more than 5 grams per serving. Since natural sugars found in fruit and whole grains have fiber, these foods may be consumed in moderation. However, fruit juices, smoothies, dried fruit or any fruit that is not consumed in its “whole” natural state, could have the same reaction as eating candy or drinking soda.

  2. Eating protein and fiber in every meal makes losing weight no big deal! Eating foods high in protein stimulate your metabolism causing a thermic effect; resulting in the burning of additional calories while digesting and absorbing protein. Protein is required in order to repair and grow muscle tissue. The more muscle you have the more fat you will burn. Eating fiber assists in the breakdown of proteins and fats. Fiber is capable of trapping fat molecules and flushing them out of the system before the body has a chance to absorb the fat.

  3. Don't be afraid of fat. Getting 25% to 30% of your recommended daily calories from healthy fats can actually help you shed some of that fat of your belly. Healthy fats stimulates your metabolism, it provides long lasting energy and keeps your hormone levels in check. Some of the best sources are nuts, olive oil, avocado and fish oil.

  4. Limit your carb consumption. When the body processes carbohydrates, it converts carbs into sugars. Though the body requires carbohydrates to sustain life; it is important to realize that carbohydrates are found in vegetables and fruits. You will never hear a doctor tell you that you are deficient in bread. As a matter of fact wheat products may be one of the most damaging foods you could put in your body because of industrialization.

  5. Eat a lot of vegetables in every meal. They should be the fillers of your meal. Vegetables provide essential minerals, vitamins and fiber. You can prepare them in many different ways; however, raw is the champion’s choice. Be creative, there is a vast rainbow of colors in vegetables. Try to eat a different color every day. All vegetables have distinct flavors that can result in a limitless array of flavors to please your pallet. Have fun with it!

  6. Sleep is important for your overall health. In this instance we will focus on the fact that sleep facilitates muscle growth, muscle recovery and fat burning.

  7. Stop drinking alcohol. Pretty much all alcohol drinks are high in sugar and have no nutritional value. Furthermore, alcohol slows down your metabolism, sabotaging any diet or exercise plan you had in place. Most importantly it is poisonous and has many negative effects on the body.


Green Vegetables, Leafy Greens


Chicken Breast, Turkey Breast, Game Meats

Eggs, Egg Whites

Salmon, Halibut, Tuna

Greek Yogurt (plain)

Almonds, Walnuts

Olive Oil

Sweet Potato


Apples, Berries


Soda, Fruit Juice, Smoothies

Wine, Beer, Spirits


Processed Foods, Fast Food

Yogurt with added sugars

Oats with added sugars


French Fries

Bananas (unless directly following a workout)

White Bread

White Pasta

Salad Dressings

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